Protective clothing and the use of seam sealing tape

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Published: 29th August 2012
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For over 180 years, researchers and manufactures have been working on improving and developing waterproofing technology. All their hard work has really started to take root, because in recent years, improvements to seam sealing tape has brought about amazing technology to help professionals stay warm and dry even when they face harsh conditions and volatile weather. Wearers will know, that if you if the wrong seam sealing tape is used, they and their garment will be a victim of inclement conditions.

You cannot have a waterproof garment without seam sealing tape. Whenever clothing is made, a needle is used to sew the pieces together and creates seams. If a needle passes through the fabric, it is no longer completely waterproof. Moisture and even hazardous materials can seem through even the smallest whole made by the thinnest needle.

Water seeping through a garment can, depending on how it is being used, dangerous to the professional worker.

This is where seam sealing tape comes into play. It is places over anywhere there is a seam to create a strong adhesive bond between the two pieces of fabric to block moisture and other materials from coming through to the workers skin. Seams do not create a waterproof seam alone, so tape is an important part of the waterproof garment making process. Workers are sometimes in conditions where their health or even their life can depend on a strong bond and waterproofed seams.

There are quite a few industries that rely on sewn-seams and therefore seam sealing tape to keep their workers safe and dry. Here is a sampling.

Outdoor Gear � Seam sealing tape is used on a variety of outdoor gear. Hikers and backpackers use it, but there is also a wide variety of professions that require the workers to be outside most of the time in the elements. They are at the mercy of the elements, nature and different types of hazardous situations. Seam sealing tape is used, for example, on tents for utility workers. It is also used on backpacks, jacket seams, utility and tool bags, hats and many more garments and items used out in the field. Seam sealing tape is used to keep the wearers safe and dry.

Subterranean Gear � There are millions of caves around the world. Cave divers travel to Europe, Africa, North America and beyond in search of new spots. The environment is moisture rich and a cave will often have an underground river system. Professionals also spend time in caves, like geologists. Waterproofed gear and clothing is needed to keep them safe and dry as they do their job. It protects them from often bacteria and fungi laden air.

Hazmat Equipment � Hazmat workers rely heavily on seam seal tape. Their suits are worn around chemical spills, clean ups, research areas and medical facilities. If their suits have a leak, it could mean their life. Seam sealing tape provides a 100% sealed garment and allows them to do their job without a worry to their or others health. With seam sealing tape, hazmat workers can continue to do invaluable research and provide much needed aid without the worry of being hurt themselves.

Seam sealing tape does so much more than make sure you don�t get wet on your hike. It keeps professional workers safe and dry so they can perform their jobs. It�s critical in their lines of work and provides a way for them to complete their work efficiently and effectively. Seam sealing tape is an essential item for the health and safety for millions around the world.

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